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Powerful Learners: Cultivating Social Emotional Capacity

On Saturday, February 1, 2020 we will host the 2nd Annual Powerful Learners Conference focused on student agency, or non-cognitive skill development, including social emotional learning through an equity lens. Together, we will build capacity in our schools and community spaces for honoring the unique needs and gifts of our students, setting the stage for them to thrive and break cycles of structural inequity.

We are thrilled to be collaborating this year with experts from Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco, Peninsula Bridge, and the Stanford Teacher Education Program. This wide range of expertise and perspectives allows us to provide sessions that will prove useful to anyone and everyone who supports K-12 students, whether you work in the classroom, in the non-profit sector, or are still in university studying to become a teacher.


Who should attend the Powerful Learners Conference?

Educators from San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area who work with students in grades 5 to 12 should attend the 2020 Powerful Learners Conference. 

We define educators broadly -- as teachers, paraprofessionals, resources aids, out-of-school-time youth developers, school and community-based organization leadership and administration, and case managers who work with students.

You have the practice and insights needed to needed to ensure experience-based, skilled and truly collaborative conversations throughout the conference. You and your organization/school are committed to meeting every students' social-emotional needs through an equity lens. 

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What are the registration fees?

This year's registration fee of $50 covers the cost of conference meals and materials. 

Scholarships are available if you or your organization cannot cover this fee. Please contact Chanda Lockhart if the registration fee is a financial hardship; we ask that those seeking scholarships be prepared to speak to why attending the 2020 Powerful Learners Conference will make an impact on your practice, students and school/organization.

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What does the schedule include?

A detailed schedule is coming soon!

Who is speaking?

Our keynote speaker will be announced soon!

I'm interested in leading a session! What should a workshop proposal include?

Thank you for your interest! Review the topic areas below which provide the structure for our break out sessions. We hope these topics help elicit strong proposals with a good mix of form and content that support attendees in deepening their practice, inspire their commitment to our shared work and spark thought-provoking conversations for all attendees.

Plan for a 70 minute interactive presentation that brings educators in the room together to collaborate. Session attendees will include educators from a variety of organizations/schools as well as experience levels.

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Are there opportunities to sponsor the conference?

Absolutely! Please reach out to Chanda Lockhart to learn more about how you can be a part of this important work.


unlocking student potential

These sessions will focus on strategies and practices that guide our interactions with youth, as well as building environments and cultures where young people feel safe and empowered to take risks. If you work directly with students in your day-to-day role, these are can't-miss workshops.

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expert teaching

These sessions emphasize professional development, coaching and collaboration strategies that empower educators to create purposeful, warm, and effective learning communities. Workshops in this topic are ideal for teacher trainers/coaches, team supervisors and school/program leadership, as well as classroom educators who are considering career growth or leadership opportunities in the near future.

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partnering with community

Workshops for all educators whose roles require them to liaise between their organization, families and the broader community, focusing on how we can leverage the strengths and resources of the Bay Area for the benefit of all students. Highly recommended for those from non-profits and school leaders interested in expanding community outreach at their campus.

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strong schoolwide practices

Sessions designed for administrators and organization leaders who are ready to act as a force for change at their site, focused on developing a clear vision and plan for cultivating social emotional capacity organization-wide.

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For questions related to Gateway Impact, our conferences, or how to support this initiative, please contact Chanda Lockhart, Director of Development and Outreach at

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